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Hello Readers!

It’s been a while, a loooong while. I am excited to be back in the blogging game and to bring you the introduction of my team for #FicFest TEAM ITALY.


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When someone mentions Italy, it no doubt conjures images of beautiful canals, ancient monuments, and bountiful food. And, if you’re like me, it makes you think of Russel Crowe in a short gladiator skirt.


Italy is most known for its wine, which comes from volcanic sediment rich earth. It holds nearly 20,000 grape varieties in twenty regions, the most popular areas being the island of Sicily and Sardinia.

The culture is so rich in Italy, it’s hard to choose just one thing to talk about. One of my favorite places is Venice. The appeal of the city lay in the twisting canals and gondolas that navigate the waterways. With its combination of Gothic and Byzantine architecture, it is truly a sight to behold before it disappears completely! Fun Fact: Venice has the most nicknames out of any other city in Italy. These include: The City of Masks, The City of Water, The City of Bridges, and The Queen of the Adriatic. If those don’t sound like Mortal Instrument titles in the making, I don’t know what does!


If those facts about Italy weren’t enough entertainment, how about you meet Team Italy and find out what we are looking for from you!

Team Mentor: Ashley Hearn


Ashley Hearn is a writer of Southern Gothic fiction for young adults, a television producer, and an intern for Entangled Pub. She is an addictive coffee drinker, a Gilmore Girls fanatic, and a proud Gryffindor. When she ferrets away enough gas money, she can be found scouring the Georgia and South Carolina Sea Islands for ruined plantations, folk magic, and a fresh story. Her writing is represented by Christa Heschke of McIntosh & Otis Literary.
You can follow here at: @AshleyHearn on Twitter or on her website


“I’m looking for high concept, big hook manuscripts. I love anything gothic and creepy with setting that feels like a character. Bonus points if it takes place in the South. Unique fantasy with a truly original magic system will always win me over, as well as diversity that’s integral to the characters and plot. If you have the next HALF BAD or THE RAVEN BOYS, I’m your girl. I’m also on the lookout for cute, contemporary romances, especially if it has a sports angle.”

Team Mentor: Jessica Calla


Jessica Calla is a lawyer by day, romance writer by night. Her favorite time is the kids’ bedtime, when she’s free to open the laptop, battle with the blinking cursor, and pour out the contents of her heart. Jessica is a member of Romance Writers of America, involved in the Contemporary, Young Adult, and New Jersey Chapters, and is a member of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association. She recently became the oldest intern ever at BookFish Books working in Marketing and Submissions Besides reading and writing, Jessica enjoys movies, coffee, and chocolate and considers herself addicted to Diet Coke and Netflix (in a good way). Her next project, a New Adult Romance series, kicks off in May 2016 with the release of She Laughs in Pink, followed by She Runs Away in November 2016. Jessica lives in central New Jersey with her husband, two sons, and her dog.

You can follow her at: @jess_calla , her website, or Facebook

“I prefer contemporary romance YA. Pretty much anything goes as far as M/F, M/M, f/f.”

Team Leader: Jessica Rubinkowski


Jessica Rubinkowski is writer of dark YA, with particular interest in fantasy, horror, and mystery. Sometimes all at the same time. She grew up on a horse farm in Central Illinois. There, she spent her time creating make-believe games with plot points and forcing her sisters to act it out. She is obsessed with Lord of the Rings, Avatar: Last Airbender, and Harry Potter. Jessica currently lives in the Midwest with her family.She is represented by Penny Moore of FinePrint Literary Management.

You can follow her on Twitter, or check out her Pinterest boards, or her Tumblr.


“I love anything deliciously dark and creepy, especially in fantasy! Expansive and immersive worlds and characters you have to follow to the end are two of my favorite things in fantasy. Anything with a killer voice will automatically catch my eye. I am always up for a good horror that will keep me up all night with a light on or a mystery I can’t figure out until the end. I will be on the look out for all things diverse in these genres with a special eye out for #ownvoices participants!”

We look forward to your submissions!!


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