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steampunk heart

Title: The Heartsmith

Genre: YA Fantasy with Steampunk elements

Word Count: 85000

Query: In Ager City, a buzzing metropolis of trains and automatons, hearts are what really make the world go round. With wraith-like monsters called Snatchers eating hearts like candy, anyone able to sell them stands to make a fortune. Most murder to harvest hearts, but sixteen-year-old Alessa has found a way around that messy business-all she has to do is resurrect the dead.

Since she removes them while the hearts are still beating, hers are the freshest in the entire city. Alessa is so skilled, she’s the King’s primary supplier. But when her hearts fail to give the King immortality, he banishes her to the wilderness outside the city walls and to the mercy of the Forest Folk who live there.

With the help of a stubborn and frustrating Forest boy named Silos, Alessa uncovers the kingdom’s darkest secret: the King and Snatchers are tied. Offing him would kill the Snatchers, ridding the world of the creatures who killed her mother. Alessa must use her gift to steal secrets from the lips of the dead and weasel her way close enough to kill the King before the Forest Folk go all but extinct, and the city falls to the madness of a man clinging to the dream of immortality.

Currently Shelved


Title: Mother May I

Genre: YA Horror/Ghost Story

Word Count: 60,000

Pitch: Teen paranormal sleuth Ivory Jack must find a way to banish a murderous spirit from the Earth, or loose her sisters and her BFF Roger to the entity’s rampage.

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