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The Curse of Doubt


Hello Readers!

It’s time for some real talk. As writers, we have a lot of doubts. A LOT. Sometimes they decide to burst out of us in a wave of ugly tears, snot, and puffy eyes.


I’ve seen a lot of people excited about the new year, but also a lot of people who’s hope is waning. Let me tell you, I get that. It’s hard to keep on believing that you can do this, that you will make it. Maybe it seems like people you know are getting agents left and right, and you’re just sitting there. Or maybe, you just think everything you write is terrible. Doubt has a way of wiggling its nasty self into your brain and never.shutting.up. until you start to believe it’s true. I’m hear to tell you to stop.

No seriously. Stop.

Then realize, most of the time, you are your biggest enemy. You are the one putting those thoughts into your head. You can do this, you already have! People who are signing with agents now were in your same shoes a year ago and you can bet your sweet buttered biscuit they didn’t ever think an agent would be interested in their manuscript. Almost every writer goes through your exact same doubts and the reason they are where they are today is because they didn’t give up. And you shouldn’t either.

don't give up

There ARE people who want to read your novels, and I’m one of them. So just remember:

1.) hermoinegif

and 2.)  you can do it

Keep Writing!


P.S If you feel down, feel free to contact me! I’m always available to boost some esteem 🙂